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October 30, 2012
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improvement meme //ming3 by sowelunee improvement meme //ming3 by sowelunee
2007:from 3rd grade junior highschool until 1st grade high school, first time i drawing when i still 3rd grade in junior high school. i started drawing anime style after i watched one piece and naruto, and you know what ? i don't even know about anatomy, perpective etc :iconpapmingplz: i even make a one-piece wannabe comic with estimated volume until 43 :iconming3plz: oh my retard...retard everywhere :iconeverywhereplz:

2008entering the 2nd year of my melancholy high school..yeahh... narutard era has passed, now i starting drawing fanart which are mostly from full metal alchemist :icondoushioplz:, and this year i started do digital coloring although still lame, yeah very lame indeed, and i still don't know about anatomy ,color theory, etc :icpnmingplz:

2009still ats grade 2, i'm getting used with photoshop now, although i really wanted a tablet badly ;;w;; ,i got a little improvement there, although the anatomy still lame :iconmingplz:

2010 entering 3rd grade- college, after i watched code geass and gundam 00,i started drawing military related (except mechaa) :iconmingplz:, and this is my first time joining deviantart, my anatomy started to improve although coloring still lame :iconpapcryplz:

2011 second term - 3rd term: seeing many amazing fanart from pixiv and DA, i started changing my style , thanks to those request and commission my art was improve :iconmingtearsplz:

2012 4th term- 5th term: joining canvas ranger, my style started to change again, i'm using texture just like redjuice does,and trying imitate his coloring style with mouse, although it's epic fail :iconming3plz:. then the miracles come, my dad bought me a tablet. i'ts wacom bamboo pen 3rd gen, looks like my art going to improve again (although i often stuck because of my drastic change of my art style, and this is first time drawing 7 oc in one canvas and they are holding a music contest :iconpapming. i can't believe i can finish it on time :icontearplz:, oh my i love this year. i look forward for 2013 :iconarigatouplz:

thanks for everyone who supporting me this time :icontearplz:
i love you people :iconilavplz:

blank meme :

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Kuro-Nisshoku Nov 2, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
Wah! The improvement is amazing!
sowelunee Nov 14, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
sorry for very2 late reply :iconarigatouplz:

aww thank you :iconpandarunplz:
Kuro-Nisshoku Nov 14, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
No problem :D
ming-zi Nov 2, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
wah udah lama belajar gambar ternyata.pantesan ndewa Q7Q
aku paling suka yang 2012 yang ke3 tapi kok aku gak pernah lihat gambarnya ya kak? ; A ;
sowelunee Nov 2, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
ah sy nda dewa kok sy malah tergolong telat perkembangannya , baru kenal digital art jaman akhir sma //prang :iconpapcryplz:

oh yang no 3 itu pas sy ikut event cr anniversary alias CRMB
ini linknys [link] :)

btw sangkyuu :)
ming-zi Nov 2, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
tapi gambar kakak udah keren kok..lagipula belajarnya udah sebelum aku ;;;

wah biola *A*
sama-sama kak~
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