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The journey by Zakamoto-charThe journey by Zakamoto-char


PN:encounter by sowelunee
still count as fresh art :iconlazeplz: 

some glimpse of future roderick :iconlazeplz: ,detailnya nunggu sowe selesai revamp total rasya  dan farming tapal kuda + buku r-18  di event da vinci //hush :iconrunrolanrunplz:  dan kalo sempet mo iseng bikin sprite adit ala medb sebagai katalist buat summon waver+duo pirates //ndak  
thank you fate franchise + duo pirates for giving me new inspiration to revamp my son :iconrlytearplz:  

PN: gloves by sowelunee
PN: gloves
throws some random roderick picture :iconlazeplz: and gathering energies to total revamp roderick :iconheleavesplz:
sorry if i didn't reply any RP.... RL quite something =') 
Pn : GO by sowelunee
Pn : GO

yo long time no see :icondeadbodyplz: 

akhirnya kelar o(-( setelah kepending dengan tetek bengek RL + kena badai :') , le fake game ss based fate/grand order smartphone game, since bayangin kayanya asyik klo pn ada gamenya . sistem battle ,levelling dkk mungkin gabungan antara F/GO dan valkryie profile wwww, kalo kejadian seh ,since i made this for layouting practice + game interface . reference are used here + ryougi pose tho

le caption per picture: (from left to right)

1. prepare your best party m8 before get rekt 
2. le menu

3. le SP (special skill point) trigger  , ibaratnya kaya jurus spesial kalian yg ada di app ,dan bisa di impruvin lewat skill tree . buat roderick sowe bikin SPnya nda offensive more like slowly torturing like waver's NP , since roderick is support type just like waver owo… see at 2:32 &…  

4. YOLO grand battle itung2 reunian ama RC lel //prek 

5. le craft essence-- no postcard , roderick only .other two are special for mba winds dan mba bong . sisanya bakal sowe post lagih bersama dengan printed version dan postcard alternative (rayleigh+arthur)

6. assassin rayleigh get it by sacrificing 40 quartz to RNG-sama //no + pray + bonus 50% instant death like gae bolg/ mystic eyes of death perception

yak itu aja, sekarang sowe lanjut rehat nyambi nyicil event o(-( 

last : le fgo ID  295,837,304  in case you need support :'> 

Pottermore: Arthur constantine by sowelunee
Pottermore: Arthur constantine

Arthur Constantine 

 P R O F I L E 

        "even at winter, hogwart are always warm" 

» Name:Arthur Constantine 

        “my name's Arthur Constantine, i hope we can get along in hogwart  ”

» Age                        : 15
» Sex                        : Male
» Species                  : Pure-Blood Wizard
» Birthdate               : 1 September
» Orientation           : Straight
» House                    : Hufflepuff
» Wand                     : Elder wood with a unicorn hair core, 10 ¾" and hard flexibility
» Height/weight      : 175cm / 63kg 
» Pet                         : A snow owl named nikola tesla   

A b i l i t i e s

will be developed along RPs progress :)

 » [locked] 

▌» [Locked]

 » [Locked] 

About Arthur

 » Personality

» (+) Tolerant ||Reliable || Bookworm || Calm || Altruistic 
» (- ) Sensitive || Selfless || Excentric|| Naive|| Struggle to make tough decision  

Arthur was Tolerant and reliable guy, who always concerned with his family and friends welfare, due to his caring personality  he is often seen with a gentle smile on his face. However, he is rather weak-hearted and sensitive even toward animal. shown when he held burial ceremony toward deer & horse meat  bones in his house backyard  every lunch and dinner as sign that he felt guilty helped his grandmother killing those animal for survive and wishes the best place for it in heaven. but thankfully this habit was decreased into single praying after lunch and dinner  when he attended Hogwart.  thanks to  Hogwart house fairies cleaning service 

Arthur  seems to be one of the more sensible people in the group and can get a bit worn out from his friends' peculiar antics and mannerisms. He is the one usually restraining Rou from teasing August .and when it comes at situation who will harm his friend and family Arthur will do anything to protect them .he also shown has known for his  Excentric interest ,especially at cooking . like giving some "potion" in his borsch with 50-50 percentage between very good or "suprising" just like his grandfather did . so if you got chance taste his borsch be sure bring more friend as tester or healing potion if you want to suvive :iconheplz:  

 » History

»Early life 

 Arthur was a wizard and son from auror couples of  Victor Constantine and  Luna Constantine. Their parent are went missing in  pursuit againts an escaped death eater when arthur was two, and leaving  Arthur to be raised by his Grandparents ,in a remoted village in Rusia who known for world's coldest climate, Oymyakon, . during his childhood in oymyakon, arthur was raised muggle alike by  attending  school  and playing with his muggle friend , accompany his grandmother when hunting some deer for dinner unless the temperature falls below –52C with muggle weapon . this also makes arthur tolerant and caring  toward anyone include muggle born though he came from pure blood wizard family.

» The Awakening and Attending Hogwart

his magic was shown in daily life since childhood. once he  made his spoon levitate 10 inches from table during lunch ,taking his favourite book from highest row of  bookshelves . at first nobody took this seriously , until one day at dinner, where  little arthur    levitate a piece of bread from a plate  in front of his grandparent .  knowing the magic potential from his grandson, his grandparent started teach arthur some basic of magic world , like basic magic and its  history , though arthur needs 2  years to getting used with magic because his grandfather's wand (Elder wood with a unicorn hair core, 10 ¾" and hard flexibility) doesn't  easily accept its new bearer .  till someday when arthur was 11, an invitation letter came brought by a snow owl gave him a chance to attend Hogwarts School of Wizardry. arthur, accompanied with his grandparent left oymyakon and return to london,his birthplace . wishing he could become useful and helping his grandparent  by enroll to hogwart ,and also meeting  new friends 

 » Likes


 » Dislikes



- suprisingly have good body endurance (thanks to stallin's death circle) 
- joined quidditch team in third year  as beater 
- his favourite place is library and professor sprout's herbology class 
- also profound in duel and charm 
- his least favourite subject was aritmanchy 
- prefers using boots than shoes because his living habit at oymyakon. where peoples and him using boots to prevent snow entering their feet ,   but started getting used with shoes when 2nd years summer 
- his grandfather once a healer in st mungo hospital and his grandmother was a respective auror who served during first wizardly war but they     resigned after arthur's parent disappearance and move to oymyakon, his grandfather birthland  and live as normal civilian at there 
- arthur's grandparent currently living in london  after he enrolled to hogwart 
-currently on 4th years

RP method : dialogue via line (ID:sowenyan)  or FB chat 'w'  

ooc corner

joined this bandwagon, thanks to  Anita Bong​ & Winds Schiffer <3 
alhamdulillah selesai juga ;;v;; , pertama kali bikin oc "innocent" ,many many thanks to Anita Bong​ & Winds Schiffer​ for helping me develop this oc ;v;

and about eintz...... err nope  just nope ..:iconshadowedplz:  
i'm back after 2 days break ..though i still not it good shape  :') . and i terribly sorry if  "E" next chapter will not released for time being because i have to total revamp the world building , and also characters tho . the reason ...sorry its kinda private (sorry) . and i'm not sure will able active in rp group/drawing  just like old time now :') .....

i hope you understand  


sowelunee's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art



:bulletpink: 21 years old
:bulletpink: love oyajis and anything interesting
:bulletpink: slowpoke at replying comment and feed back , pardon me people , i'm not so good with word

:bulletpink: feel free to ask i'm not bitting lol. i just kuudere person who actually love to chit chat :heart:




:bulletpink: pardon me, i don't do watch trade anymore , i'll only watchback for RP mates and anyone i think deserved for a watch back
:bulletpink: no spam or chain mail in my page ,except close friends
:bulletpink: once again, i'm not opening any free request.but, if you still insist, you'll be ignored




:iconscarleciaamberline:icon yas by sowelunee




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cell shaded chibi commission
Commission: Chizu-pyon by sowelunee
commission:suki heion by sowelunee
commission:yukio by sowelunee
PC for piyopiko by sowelunee
i do: 
OC /fanart 

i don't: 
R-18 stuff

interesting? note me :D 

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